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As the mother to a small baby, myself, I set up Take Control Pilates to create a baby-friendly space to allow me to do just that: take control.

The processes of pregnancy and birth have a massive physical and emotional impact on women. Pilates is the ideal system for regaining fitness and poise.

Since giving birth to Sam, Pilates has played a crucial part in helping me recover core stability, muscle tone and to shed much of the weight associated with my pregnancy. By creating a calm space each day, I have maintained a positive and progressive level of well-being. This has been reflected in Sam and his feeding and sleeping patterns.

We will be welcoming babies at Take Control.

At Highgate Family Center
Mondays:at 1:30-2:30pm (£55 for 5 sessions)
Wednesday:at 1:45-2:45pm (£55 for 5 sessions)
You can join up at any Monday or Wednesday.

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