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With life becoming ever more hectic, and ever less organised wouldn't it be nice if you could take control back.

At Take Control we use the Body Control Pilates (BCP) method developed by Lynne Robinson. It is a tried-and-trusted system responsible for training thousands of Pilates teachers during the last two decades. Take Control founder Marjan Farahani trained at Body Control Pilates.

Pilates is much more than just an exercise system.
At its core lies the principle of establishing physical and mental stability.
The relationship between Pilates’ teachers and students is not a typical lineal one, since practitioners have first to reflect inwardly before committing to the exercises.

The decision to Take Control needs to be a positive commitment from you to you.
The physical effects are almost immediately noticeable, but to achieve real spiritual gain of inner balance requires disciplined adherence over many years.

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